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Thank you for visiting our website. We’d like to ask you to take a few moments to complete the following survey. Your feedback is important to us and will help shape future content and enhancements.

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Privacy Policy

CLOSE ("Website") is owned, registered, operated, licensed, and controlled by Haemonetics Corporation, including its affiliates and subsidiaries (herein together "Haemonetics"), who manufactures innovative medical devices to advance the safety, quality, and availability of blood transfusion products for patients worldwide. Some information contained in this Website comes from unnamed third-party sources, including individuals, unaffiliated professionals, and unaffiliated facilities and/ or corporations (herein together "Information Providers").

Our postal address for the Website is

Haemonetics Corporation
Attention: Webmaster,
400 Wood Road
Braintree, MA 02184

Our Webmaster can also be reached via e-mail at

Information, Registration, and Cookies

For each visitor to our Website, our server will automatically recognize the name of the visitor's Internet domain.

Only users who wish to participate in secure areas of the Website need to register. Once a customer registers, we do apply a "cookie" to the customer's computer, which they are free to accept or decline. A cookie helps both the customer and Haemonetics because your previous visits are bookmarked, your location data is saved, and other prompts that may slow your access to information posted on the Website are avoided. As with all cookie use, you may choose to set your computer parameters so that no cookie is accepted without your permission.

The only other information we obtain online from any visitor is information you provide directly. We aggregate the information on what pages you access or visit and retain other information you may volunteer about yourself, such as that provided in surveys or site registrations. The data collected is used by us to determine what types of information about Haemonetics are most important to you so we can ensure that information is kept current and accurate.

Presently, Haemonetics does not allow ad serving companies to place banner ads from unrelated firms on the Website, so there is no tracking by these third-party companies from any banner ads, bulleting boards, or other interactive venues on the Website.

Information Provided to Us, Stays Here

The information you provide will not be sold, transferred, or traded to any third party for unsolicited marketing purposes. If you, as a visitor, have provided us online with a postal address, an e-mail address, or a telephone number, we may contact you using the method that corresponds to the information you provided, if you expressed an interest or a query about a particular product(s) or service(s).

You may update your information at any time simply by revisiting the form you initially completed and submitted and entering your new information. If you'd like to be removed from our database, simply send an e-mail to our Webmaster with "REMOVE ME" in the subject or body.

Questions or Comments Regarding this Privacy Statement

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding this Privacy Statement, please contact us promptly at:

Our Webmaster can also be reached via e-mail at

Thank you for reviewing this document. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, security and information protection, and your full understanding of our information practices for this Website.

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